Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts

The 16th Annual Summer Music Festival
at Walnut Hill
August 1 - 24, 2007

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OBJECTIVE: To provide opportunities for young musicians to learn directly from world-renowned virtuosos.

LOCATION: Walnut Hill School, 12 Highland St., Natick, MA 01760. About 15 miles west of Boston, and two-hour driving distance to Tanglewood.

DATES: August 1(check in) – 24(check out), 2007


* Two to Three private lessons per week for piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, oboe, horn, voice, composition, and others (upon request.). Chinese instruments (erhu, dulcimer, bamboo flutes) are also available upon request.
* Chamber Ensembles
* Orchestral Performances
* Master Classes and Workshops
* Stage presentation workshop
* Concerts with faculty members and students
* Attend concert at Tanglewood Music Center, visit Norman Rockwell Museum, sightseeing and shopping in towns of the Berkshires
* Visits to New England Conservatory, Harvard University, Museum of Fine Arts, and other historical sites in the metropolitan Boston area.
* Broadway musical show at Wang Center or other theatres in Boston.

1. Age and Enrollment: Age 14 or above. Total enrollment 30 students. No upper age limit. Special arrangement is required for applicant younger than 14.
2. Audition: Audition is required for all applicants except returning students and students re-commended by faculty members. Application forms and fees are required for all applicants. Each applicant should prepare at least two selections of his/her own choice that will represent his/her musical level and achievement.
3. Audition date and location:
Applicants from Taiwan will be auditioned in Taipei by Professors Sylvia Lee???, ???, ??? in April/May 2007.   The exact date and location will be arranged by Mrs. Pi-Chuan Chen Lai??? or her assistant, Tel/Fax: 886-2-2341-7727, Email:
US, Canada and other countries:
Applicants should submit a recently prepared CD or DVD to the Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts, 3 Partridge Lane, Lincoln, MA 01773.  It will be presented to faculty members for evaluation.
4. Tuition and Financial Aid:
There is a non-refundable application fee of US $50 for each application. The tuition is US $2,800 per student that covers private and chamber lessons, room, meals, and fees to all activities during the camp period. Individual travel expenses to and from the music festival are not included.
Financial Aid ranging from US $500 to $1,000 will be awarded to qualified applicants on needed basis. Tax-return documents and statement of financial situation are required for evaluation. Returning students (attended the camp at least twice and with English fluency) could apply to become the Assistant to the Director with tuition waiver and still receive all the benefit of a regular student. Full tuition payment is due in two weeks after audition.   No refund for cancellation after June 15, 2007.

Faculty Members 2007: (a partial list)


Sylvia Chambless
New England Conservatory Preparatory

Hung-Kuan Chen
Chairman, Piano Department, Shanghai Conservatory

Pi-Hsien Chen
Hochschule für Musik Freiburg

Meng-Chieh Liu
Curtis Institute of Music

Russell Sherman, Piano Master Class
Distinguished Artist-in-residence of New England Conservatory of Music

Cheng-Zong Yin
Former faculty and artist-in-residence of Cleveland Institute of Music


Lynn Chang
New England Conservatory of Music, Boston University, MIT, and Boston Conservatory of Music

Marylou Speaker Churchill, Violin Master Class
Former Boston Symphony Orchestra Principal Second Violin

Nai-Yuan Hu
Former faculty of Hartt School of Music


Gillian Rogell
New England Conservatory of Music

Michael Bonner
Longy School of Music

Mark Churchill, Cello Master Class

Dean, New England Conservatory Preparatory

Laurence Lesser, Cello Master Class
President Emeritus, New England Conservatory of Music

Bion Tsang
University of Texas at Austin


Thomas Hill
New England Conservatory of Music, Boston Chamber Music and Longy School of Music


Yong Yang
Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing


Sue-Ellen Hershman-Tcherepnin
Tufts University and MIT


Guiping Deng
Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing

And More...

Other faculty members including Edwin Barker (Double Bass), Neil De Land (French Horn), Kathy Lord (Oboe), Pascale Delache-Feldman (Double Bass), Tracy McGinnis (Bassoon), Ree-Ven Wang (Voice), Zhan-Tao Lin (Erhu), Ping Li (Dulcimer), and Tai-Chun Pan (Tai-Chi) also participated in recent years.

This program is made possible by the donation from the general public, and the support from The Tan Family Cultural Fund.

Photos, updated concert activities and other information are online at:


Photos from our Music Festival of year 2006

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Photos from our Music Festival of year 2005

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Photos from our Music Festival of year 2001

private lesson

A private lesson with Mr. Lynn Chang, the first prize winner of the 1975 Paganini Violin Competition. Mr. Lynn Chang teaches violin, viola, and coaches chamber music at the music festival.

private lesson

A private lesson with Mr. Yin Cheng-Zong, the second prize winner of 1962 Tchaikovsky Piano Competition.  Mr. Yin teaches piano and also shares his vivid performing experiences with the students in piano master class.  Mr. Yin is one of the principle organizers of the 2002 International Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians to be held in October, 2002 in China.

private lesson

A private lesson with Mr. Hung-Kuan Chen, the first prize winner of both the 1982 Busoni and the 1983 Authur Rubenstein Piano Competitions. Mr. Chen teaches piano and coaches chamber music at the music festival. In 1993, Mr. Chen's right hand was seriously injured in an accident. He was told repeatedly that he could not expect to play again. Instead, with his determination and practice of QiGong (a traditional Chinese meditation technique) he has regained his ability to perform and returned the stage with rave reviews. Mr. Chen shares his QiGong experience and how it helped him in deeper understanding of music in seminar entitled "Chi and Music."

composition lesson

A composition lesson with Dr. Yang Yong, former professor at New England Conservatory of Music.  A renowned composer, Dr. Yang has been commissioned for many major compositions and honored by numerous major international awards, including several ASCAP, the first prizes of the 1995 Musical Composition Ciutat de Tarragona in Spain, the 1992 Valentino Bucchi Prize in Rome, and many other first prizes.  The student's work composed during the festival has been premiered in one of the concerts during the festival.

private lesson

Miss Ming-I Tsai is receiving a private lesson from  Mr. Nai-Yuan Hu, the first prize winner of 1985 Queen Elisabeth Violin Competition of Belgium.  Mr. Hu teaches violin, viola, and coaches chamber music.  Mr. Hu gave one seminar and demonstration during the festival.  In which he shared with the audience his experiences and interpretation on “How to read and understand music.”  Miss Ming-I Tsai was the first prize winner of the 2002 Boston Symphony Orchestra Youth Concerto Competition.  She performed at the Boston Pop’s opening night at Boston’s Symphony Hall, May 7, 2002.

chamber ensemble

A chamber ensemble is being coached by Mr. Bion Tsang, the third prize winner of the 1990 Tchaikovsky Cello Competition.  Mr. Tsang teaches cello and chamber music at the music festival.

private lesson

A private lesson with Ms. Pi-Hsien Chen, the first prizes winner of both ARD Competition in Munich, the Schonberg Competition in Rotterdam, and the Bach Competition in Washington D.C.

private lesson

A private lesson with Ms. Sue-Ellen Hershman-Tcherepnin, professor at MIT and theTufts University.

a composition lesson

A composition lesson with Dr. Shih-Hui Chen, the 1999 Rome Prize winner, the Guggenheim Award recipient, and many other honors she received. She is the Composer in Residence at the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, and is on the composition faculty at the Shepherd School of Music, Rice University.

lesson with Mr. Thomas Hill

A lesson with Mr. Thomas Hill, the principal clarinetist at Boston Chamber Music and the Handel & Haydn Societies.  Mr. Hill also teaches at the New England Conservatory of Music.  Mr. Hill teaches clarinet private lessons and coaches chamber music at the music festival.

private lesson

A private lesson with Erhu master, Mr. Zhan-Tao Lin.

The Longwood Symphony Summer Orchestra

The Longwood Symphony Summer Orchestra joined our students in a rehearsal under the direction of conductor Francisco Noya.

concerto performance

A concerto performance with Longwood Symphony Summer Orchestra on campus.  The soloists are our students selected from a concerto audition.  Our other students are also performing on stage with the orchestra. This year’s concerto performed was Beethoven’s piano concerto No. 1 in C, opus 15. The soloists are: Miss Kimberly Chen (first movement), and Mr. Eun-Taek Kim (2nd and 3rd movements), the 2nd prize winner of the 2001 Oberlin International Piano Competition.

Hatch Shell performance

The same program was repeated in another concerto performance with the Longwood Symphony Summer Orchestra at one of Boston's historical landmark, the Hatch Shell Esplanade by the Charles River.  The concert was sponsored by the largest classical radio station in New England, WCRB 102.5 FM. Each year, this concert attracts an enthusiastic audience of more than one thousand people.  This year’s soloist, selected from an on-campus audition, was Miss Yeol-Eum Son.  Miss Son was the 2nd prize winner of the1997 International Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians, and the 1999 first prize winner of the Oberlin International Piano Competition.  She is a freshman at the Korean National University of Art.

annual lobster/steak dinner

The annual lobster and steak dinner for the happy campers and the faculty members.

solo recital

Solo recital by Mr. Ji-Yong Kim, the youngest students ever (born 1991).  He attended the camp in both 2000 and 2001. First prize winner of the New Jersey Symphony Concerto competition, he is currently under the management of IMG.

recital rehersal

Violinist Lynn Chang, cellist Bion Tsang, and pianist Hung-Kuan Chen are rehearsing for the Faculty Recital.

relaxing on campus

A relaxing afternoon on campus.

Russell Sherman

Legendary pianist Russell Sherman conducts the piano master class and listened to four of our students.

group photo

A group photo with some of the faculty members after the master class with Mr. Russell Sherman.