The Ju Tzong-Ching Percussion Group
Wednesday, August 4, 2004, 8 PM
Sanders Theatre Harvard University

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Program (subject to change):

Chung-Yin Chang      Exact & Splendid Beat

Chien-Hui Hung      Moving Moonlight

Gong-Drum Music from Tu Jia tribe      The Romping Golden Pheasants

Arr. by Tian Longxin/ Li Zhenqui

Toshimitu Tanaka      Persona

---- Intermission ----

Aurél Holló      José-beFORe JOHN5

Chien-Hui Hung      Knights of the Round Table

Mark Ford      Head Talk

Chick Corea/ Arr. by Mario Gaetano      Spain

Thomas Brown      Brazilian Street Dance

About the Ju Tzong-Ching Percussion Group:

The JU PERCUSSION GROUP (JPG), founded by percussionist Tzong-Ching Ju in January 1986, is the first percussion ensemble established in Taiwan. It consists of 11 talented percussionists and one composer in residence. The members possess great skills in playing Western percussion instruments as well as Chinese gong-drum music. Other forms of Asian traditional music have an important place in their repertoire, too.

The Ju Percussion Group, under the direction of Tzong-Ching Ju, gives more than 100 performances annually, including concerts, workshops and teachers‘ seminars, reaching approximately 150,000 audiences each year.

Since its establishment, the troupe has performed in Asia, Europe and the America. Since 1993, the troupe was joined by leading percussion ensembles from the United States, Japan, Korea, France, Sweden, Hungary, Germany, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands at the Taipei International Percussion Convention (TIPC). Ju‘s percussionists were invited to perform at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) in Dallas, Texas, and Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A., in November 2000 & 2003. The JPG collaborated with the world-famous Les Percussions de Strasbourg (France) on a cultural-exchange project, "Les Douze Lunes du Serpent," premiered in December 2001. Invited by Budapest Spring Festival, the JPG and the Amadinda Percussion Group, Hungary, jointly presented the grand percussive work “Stoicheia,” written by James Wood, in 2002. At the same year, the JPG participated in the Beijing Music Festival in China and the year follows, the Group was invited to take part in the Chekhov International Theatre Festival. The participation in both events received great critical acclaim.

Aside from being featured in the percussion concerts, the JPG has also performed with the Cloud Gate Dance Theater and the Lanling Theater Workshop, touring nationally and internationally.

In 1992, the JPG undertook a series of experimentation in music theater, which resulted in three major multi-media productions -- “Fantasia” in 1993, “Dream of Chimes” in 1994, and “See the Music” in 2001. These productions incorporated other art forms and created a new audio and visual ambiance for percussion.

The JPG has released 15 highly acclaimed recordings. Two of them have been honored with the Golden Tripod Award. They are “Keep the Fire Burning” for Best Performance in 1988 and the “Mountain's Beat” for Best Musical Publication in 1990. A milestone like the live recording of the 10th anniversary concert in 1996 was released as a special double-disc set. This recording received the 1997 Golden Melody Award, an equivalent of “the Grammy in Taiwan”, for Best Performer. In the same year, “Beat the Drum” won the award for Best Composition in the classical music category. In 2002, The JPG releases its 15th anniversary CD set “Shiny Days.”

The JPG has actively cultivated the percussion music environment by regularly commissioning and premiering the compositions written by Taiwan‘s very own composers, such as Nan-Chang Chien (whose “Beat the Drum” has become a classic), Hwang-long Pan, Shui-long Ma, Loong-hsing Wen, Ting-Lien Wu, Gordon S. Chin, Chien-Hui Hung, Wan-Jen Huang, Chung-Kun Hung and Kuen-Yean Hwang. In addition, the group’s arrangements of numerous traditional Chinese/Taiwanese folk tunes and children’s songs have contributed to the steadily growing popularity of percussion music in Taiwan.