Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts       
    The 14th Annual
        Summer Music Festival    
     at Walnut Hill (August 3 - 24, 2005)

Concerts, Seminar, and Master Class
August 3 - 24, 2005
   Except indicated by *, all the events will be held at
 the Boswell Recital Hall or the Keiter Center in
Walnut Hill School, 12 Highland St. Natick, MA 01760
(Tickets: $5 donation at door; no advance ticket is needed

Performers: Faculty Members and students of the 14th Annual Summer Music Festival.
(For details, see below.)

1. August 5, 2005
Friday, 7 PM
Piano recital: Prof. Hung-Kuan Chen
Pre-concert Talk at 6:15pm


2. August 7, 2005
Sunday, 8 PM
New World Trio: Annie Trepanier, violin,  Melissa Morgan, cello, and  Pi-Hsun Shih, piano
At Keiter Performing Center
3. August 9, 2005
Tuesday, 8 PM
Mr. Nai-Yuan Hu, lecture-concert: J. S. Bach D minor Partita for unaccompanied violin, BWV 1004”. Mr. Hu will perform the partita at the end of the lecture. (at Boswell Recital Hall)
4. August 12, 2005
Friday, 8 PM 
Faculty recital at Keiter Performing Center
5. August 14, 2005
Sunday, 8 PM
Julianna Peiling Lin, viola
Nancheng Chen, cello
David Ta-Wei Tsai, piano
Jannie Lo, piano
at Keiter Performing Center
6. August 16, 2005
Tuesday, 8 PM
Lecture by Prof. Hung-Kuan Chen “Learning to be a musician” (topic to be confirmed.) at Boswell Recital Hall.
7. August 17, 2005
Wednesday, 7:30 PM
concerto concert with Longwood Orchestra Jonathan McPhee, Music Director, at Hatch Shell on the Esplanade
8. August 18, 2005
Thursday, 8 PM
David Ta-Wei Tsai, piano
Jimmy Chi-Wei Lo, piano
Grace Shu-Hui Yang, piano
Steven Yi-Yang Chen, piano
Julianna Lin, viola
Yue Chu, piano

at Boswell Recital Hall
9. August 19, 2005
Friday, 8 PM
Piano recital by Mr. Larry Weng at Boswell Recital Hall.
10. August 20, 2005
Saturday, 8 PM
Repeated concerto concert with Longwood Orchestra at Keiter Performing Center
11. August 21, 2005
Sunday, 8 PM
Student Showcase Gala Concert at Keiter Performing Center
12. August 22, 2005
2-5 PM
Piano master class with Mr. Russell Sherman
at Keiter Performing Center. 
13. August 22, 2005
8 PM
Piano recital by Mr. Yue Chu at Keiter Performing Center
14. August 23, 2005
Tuesday, 8 PM
Student Showcase Gala Concert at Keiter Performing Center 

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 Meet the Artists & the Faculty Members of the 14th Annual Summer Music Festival

Piano: Hung-Kuan Chen, Pi-Hsien Chen, Meng-Chieh Liu, Sylvia Chambless, Russell Sherman (master class)

Violin/Viola: Lynn Chang, Nai-Yuan Hu

Cello: Michael Bonner

Flute: Sue Ellen Tcherepnin

Yang’s Tai Chi Chuan: Mr. Tai-Chun Pan

Longwood Symphony Orchestra: Mr. Jonathan McPhee, Music Director and Conductor; Dr. Lisa Wang, president

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The scholarships that have brought the musicians here were provided by the general public.  Please give generously to support the continuation of this worthwhile program.  Your tax deductible donation is greatly appreciated.  

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Directions to Walnut Hill School:

From Route 9 west: after the intersection with route 16, watch for the only Shell gas station on the right. Take a left turn at Oak street which is right after the Shell station. (Stay in the right lane for left turn.) Turn right to Bacon street at the intersection. The Walnut Hill campus could be seen on the left in about half an mile. To get to the parking lot, take a left at the next intersection onto Walnut street and another left onto Highland St.

From Mass Turnpike west, take exit 13, take route 30 east to route 27. Turn right onto route 27 and follow south about 2 miles, going over route 9 until you see a Mobil gas station on your right. Turn left onto Grove street and turn right onto Walnut street, and an immediate left onto Highland.

Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts is a non-profit organization registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.   One of its objectives is to promote Asian artists through performance.  To be added to our mailing list, please write to: 3 Partridge Lane, Lincoln, MA. 01773. Tel:781-259-8195; Fax: 781-259-9147, Email:, or,, or visit our Website at :

The Concerts and Master Classes listed are presented by the faculty members (see below) and students of the 12th Annual Music Festival at Walnut Hill, organized by the Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts. This three-week program provides a rare opportunity for talented young musicians to learn directly from world-renowned masters on a one-on-one basis. It takes place every summer in August at Walnut Hill School, Natick, MA. This year's performers will include those who passed the first run and are preparing for the Junior Tchaikovsky Competition to be held October 2002 in China.

For Information: Contact the Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts, 3 Partridge Lane, Lincoln, MA. 01773.  Tel: 781-259-8195, Fax: 781-259-9147, Email:, or Website: For directions to Walnut Hill, call: 508-653-4312 or log on to