Ping Li, Dulcimer; Jun Qin, GuZheng; Zhan-Tao Lin, Erhu

Friday, April 27, 2001, 8:00 PM

at Tsai Performance Center
Ticket Price:  $20 for general admission, $15 for Senior and Students, Group Discount: 10% for minimum 20 tickets

Meet the Artists:

Ping Li, Dulcimer
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Principal dulcimer player and the first soloist of the China Central National Orchestra of Traditional Music, Ms. Li has dazzled audiences with her performances for over twenty years in more than twenty countries worldwide.  She was the winner of many international dulcimer competitions. Her solo and orchestral performances have taken her across the globe to Berlin, Vienna, Denmark, Osaka, and Seoul. Ms. Li has composed, published, performed and recorded master works not only on the dulcimer, but also on the GuZheng. 


Jun Qin, GuZheng
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Ms. Jun Qin graduated from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. She is a member of the Sichuan Branch of the Musician Society of China, and worked in the Chinese Emei Film Studio. She was the first prize winner of the International Chinese Music Instruments Contest. Ms. Qin was given the "Excellent Teacher's Award" in China. Many of her students have won first and second prizes in national competitions. Her performances have been recorded in movies, NBC TV, and on CDs. She has also appeared at the Lincoln Center, Julliard School of Music, Columbia University, and Harvard University, as well as in Atlantic City, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago and San Francisco.


Zhan-Tao Lin, Erhu
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Former Associate Professor of Erhu Art in Guang-Xi Institute of Arts, Mr.Lin has received many awards for teaching and coaching Chinese music ensembles.   He has published essays "On Charm of Moon in Erquan Spring" and "Training on the Acoustic Fidelity of Erhu." His composition "Night Chat in Northern Country" won the "Red Copper Drum" award issued by the Guangxi Provincial Culture Department. Mr. Lin was listed on the "Chinese Educator Dictionary".

Ping Li, Dulcimer; Jun Qin, GuZheng; Zhan-Tao Lin, Erhu Friday, April 27, 20018:00 PMat Tsai Performance Center at Boston University

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Ticket prices:
$20 for general admission
$15 for Senior and Students
Group Discount: 10% for minimum 20 tickets

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