The 9th Annual All-American Chinese School Brush Painting and Calligraphy Competition (April 15, 2000)
(Sponsored and organized by the Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts)

A. Brush Painting (Age 9 and under) (total 70 entries)
B. Brush Painting
(Age 10 to 13 ) (total 137 entries)
C. Brushing Painting (Age 14 and above, exclude adult class) (total 55 entries)
A. Calligraphy (Age 9 and under) (total 14 entries)
B. Calligraphy (Age 10-13) (total 44 entries)
C. Calligraphy
(Age 14 and above, exclude adult class) (total 29 entries)

*The following winners were chosen from a total of 349 entries (brush painting: 262, calligraphy: 87) from 33 Chinese schools of 9 different states.

Objective: To promote the awareness and preservation of the traditional arts of Chinese brush painting and calligraphy.

Eligibility: All currently enrolled Chinese School students (excluding adult classes) are eligible. Students who are not registered in any Chinese school can submit their art works for demonstration only but not to compete. There are three age groups for both brush painting and calligraphy: A: Age 9 and under, B: age 10 to 13, and C: age 14 and up, exclude adult classes. Each student can submit two pieces of art works. Students can participate in both brush painting and calligraphy competitions. Total up to four pieces per student if both brush painting and calligraphy works are included.

Panel of Judges:
Mr. Tung Wu : Director of Asiatic Art, Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Calligrapher, art critic, and juror of professional art competitions.
Dr. Doris Chu : President of Chinese Culture Institute. Art critics and juror of professional art competitions.
Prof. I-Jen Tai: Chairman, Chinese Cultural Program, MIT. Calligrapher and art critic.
Prof. H.F. Lu : Former professor of Chinese Art at Harvard. Poet, writer, and art collector.
Mrs. Hui-Liang Lee Chang : Professional Chinese brush painter and calligrapher.
Prof. Wen Tang: Professional Chinese brush painter and calligrapher.
Mr.Yi-Fong Guo : Professional Chinese brush painter and calligrapher.

Awards: Six winners from each group (total 36) will be selected. All winners receive award certificate. In addition, cash awards will be given to first prize ($40), second prize ($30), and third prize ($20) winners of each group. As part of the prize, the winners' art works will be mounted and exhibited at libraries and schools around the metropolitan Boston area. It will also be displayed on our website at Their works will be returned via certified mail after the exhibitions.

1. The art work should be produced by the student himself. Xerox copy or a tracing over of existing art works or calligraphy is not acceptable.
2. It must be on Chinese rice paper. The minimum size is 11x17 inches. There is no maximum size limit.
3. Chinese name of the author should appear on the front corner of the work.
4. On the back side of each art work, a small piece of paper should be attached to provide the following information: name (in both Chinese and
English) , date of birth, age group, telephone/fax number, name of the Chinese school current attending (in both Chinese and English) and the
signature of the school principal; the name, address, and the phone number of contact person of the Chinese school, and whether this piece needs to be returned ($3 per piece handling fee.)
5. There is no application fee. A $3 handling fee will be charged for each piece of art works that need to be returned. Otherwise, we do not
guarantee the returning of the art works. However, all the winners' art works will be returned regardless whether a $3 fee is paid or not.
Make the check payable to: Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts, 3 Partridge Lane, Lincoln, MA 01773. Tel: 781-259-8195, Fax: 781-259-9147. Email: or
6. The art works should be collected by the Chinese school and send along with a list of the names (in both Chinese and English) of all participants, and the phone/fax number, address of the contact person from each school.

Deadline for submission: All of the art works have to arrive at the Foundation before April 15, 2000. All the art works will be exhibited from
April 22 till May 5 to the public in the auditorium of the Chinese Culture Center (65 Harrison Ave. 6 Floor, Boston). The judgment will take place on Saturday morning, April 22, 2000. The competition results will be announced immediately.

While all the necessary precautions were taken to prevent any damage to the art works submitted, we are not responsible for any unintentional losses.

This event is supported in part by the TAN Family Culture Fund.

For Information: Please contact: Dr. Catherine Tan Chan (Tan Jia-Lin), Executive Director, Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts. 3 Partridge Lane, Lincoln, MA 01773. Tel: 781-259-8195, Fax: 781-259-9147,

Email: or Website:

(Please forward, make copies and distribute to friends, Chinese schools and news papers)

The annual competition is organized jointly by the Foundation for Chinese
Performing Arts, and the Newton Chinese School. For information contact the
Foundation at Tel: 781-259-8195, Fax: 781-259-9147