~ Program ~

1, Fight Against the Typhoon 戰颱風
Chinese Dulcimer and Guzheng Youth Band, Ping Li李平, instructor
dulcimer: Francesca Mei, Dora Xiao, Tiffany Wang, Kate Hui, Cathleen Chen, Julie Deng, Lok Ye Young, Chloe Zhong, Caylie Zhong, Julie Song
guzheng: Laura Wang, YueTian Zhang, David Ma, Erica Wong

2, Fisherman's Song 漁歌
Sophia YukMan Peng, bawu

3, Morningstar Lily Blooming Red 山丹丹花開紅艷艷
Grace Cai, dulcimer

4, Sunan Folk Song 蘇南小曲
Spenser Wu, erhu

5, Yili River 伊犁河
David Ma, guzheng

6, Yellow River 黄河
Dora Xiao, dulcimer

7, The Sound of Drum in Temple Fair 香山射鼓
Wendy Ni, guzheng

8, Harvest Celebration 慶豐收
David Liu, suona
Aaron Xu, percussion, drum, and Bryan Claxton, percussion

9, The Dance of the Yi Tribe 彝族舞曲
YueTian Zhang, guzheng

10, Our Brother is Home 哥哥回来了
Wendy Wu, erhu

11, Fortune Canal 幸福渠水
Feronia Mei, guzheng

~ Intermission ~

12, Red Lantern 掛紅燈
Boston Guzheng Ensemble, Shin-Yi Yang 楊信宜, instructor
guzheng: Feronia Mei, Wendy Ni, Cassie Huang, Gabriel Sui
percussion: Aaron Xu

13, The Horse Returned 歸來的馬
Nancy Yini Pan, horse-head fiddle, and Gary Jiarui Zhou, piano

14, The Melody of HeNan 河南小曲
Aaron Xu, erhu, and Evan Wu, dulcimer

15, Liu Yang River 瀏陽河
Cassie Huang, guzheng

16, A Rose for You 送你一枝玫瑰花
Alicia Yang, pipa

17, On the Grassland 草原上
Jessica Ma, erhu

18, Dragon Boat 龍船
Evan Wu, dulcimer

19, The Sun of My Homeland 故鄉的太陽
Olivia and Alicia Yang, pipa duo

20, Poetic Mountain Tian 天山詩畫
Francesca Mei, dulcimer

Special Guest Artists
the Boston Chinese Musicians Association

1, Ms. Yuan Wang王媛, guzheng:
Song of Mulberry Field of Qin 秦桑曲
accompanied by:
Zhan-Tao Lin
林戰濤,Decheng Wang 王德成,Jinfu Guo 郭京富- erhus
YunZhuo Gan
干云卓- dulcimer
Ching-San Cheung
張正山- yuan
Elisa Cheung
黃少堅 - percussion

2, Ms. YunZhuo Gan 干云卓 - dulcimer
Ms. Chenchu Rong荣晨初
- percussion


photo credit : Benjamin Cheung

photos from 9/30 audition. credit: Chi Wei Lo

Special Guest Artists from the Boston Chinese Musicians Association

1, Ms. Yuan Wang 王媛, guzheng
Ms. Wang graduated from the Shandong Normal University and Wuhan Music School. She was the first prize winner of Hubei "New Talent" instrumental competition and served as the principal guzheng player of the Hubei Broadcasting Ethnic Group. She received the 2003 Silver award in "China Youth Art Competition", and the 2010 "Excellent Gardener Award" of Chinese orchestral music, as well as the Gold prize of 2011 Hubei guzheng contest. She is the founder of the "Wang Yuan Guzheng Studio" and performing around the metropolitan Boston area.

2, Ms. YunZhuo Gan
干云卓, dulcimer and composer
Gan graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in both composition and Chinese instrument. Prize winner of many awards in both performances and compositions. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in music composition at the Manhattan School of Music under Marjorie Merryman. She has performed throughout the world, appeared at the Shanghai World Expo and Paralympic Games, the Celebration of Fifth Year Returning in Hong Kong, was invited to perform at the Lyons Music Festival and the closing ceremony of the Cannes International Film Festival, to name a few. As a composer, she wrote the music and songs for the films “The Continuation of Love” and “5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake Memorial Tribute film” . Her works were presented in venues including the Carnegie Hall, Merkin Hall, Shanghai Concert Hall, Shanghai Oriental Art center and Paris Culture center. She is a co-founder of Sforzando Composers’ Collective, which comprise of young composers from Korea, China and America.

3, Chenchu Rong 荣晨初, percussion
A member of Percussion Faculty at Shanghai Conservatory of music since 2011, Ms. Rong was praised by renowned composer . Tan Dun as a "rare music pioneer." She appeared worldwide as a percussion soloist with leading orchestras including the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra among others. Started from 2016 she studies
with Jazz Vibe master Ed Saindon, Jerry Bergonzi, and Ken Schaphorst in improvisation and composition at New England Conservatory of Music.

Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts 中華表演藝術基金會
A non-profit organization established in 1989 based in Lincoln, MA. Some of the main objectives are to promote Asian culture and artists through music and performing arts. The Foundation has presented over 123 concerts at major venues including Boston’s Jordan Hall, Symphony Hall, Harvard’s Sanders Theatre and New York’s Carnegie Hall featuring renowned Asian musicians to critical acclaim. The Foundation’s Annual Summer Music Festival at Walnut Hill since 1990 with over 25 concerts each summer, as well as the All-American Youth Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy Competition since 1991, and the Youth Poetry in Silk and Bamboo Annual Chinese Music Instrument Audition and concert since 2008 are all going strong. Dr. Catherine Tan Chan譚嘉陵 is the founder and president. Www.ChinesePerformingArts.net



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Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts

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