The 26th Annual Music Festival at Walnut Hill
July 20-August 13, 2017
Concerts and Master Classes
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
updated as of August 1, 2017
07/18 07/19 07/20 07/21 07/22
07/23 07/24 07/25 07/26 07/27 07/28 07/29
7:30 pm
Hung-Kuan Chen piano recital
7:30 pm
Yinfei Wang piano recital at Orchard Cove Retirement Community Center
3-5 pm
Bruce Brubaker piano masterclass

7:30 pm
Larry Weng piano recital
3-5 pm
James Buswell violin masterclass
3-5 pm
Carpe Diem String Quartet master class


7:30 pm
Carpe Diem String Quartet concert
2:30-5:30 pm
concerto competition: Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini

7:30 pm
Artur Haftman piano recital
7:30 pm
Jiyoung Lee cello and Iris Hsu piano recital
07/30 07/31 08/01 08/02 08/03 08/04 08/05
  3-5 pm 
Yehudi Wyner piano and chamber music master class


7:30 pm
Han Chen piano recital
3 -5 pm
Victor Rosenbaum piano masterclass

7:30 pm Alexander Korsantia piano recital
3 pm
Nicholas Kitchen, lecture performance "Ode to Joy: Beethoven's 9th Symphony manuscript and first copy"

7:30 pm Borromeo String Quartet concert
3-5 pm
Wha-Kyung Byun piano masterclass
3-5 pm
Hsin-Yun Huang lecture demo : “Baroque ideas, modern means - a musical journey”

7:30 pm
Nan-Cheng Chen, cello and Chi-Wei Lo, piano recital
7:30 pm
Faculty concert  
08/06 08/07 08/08 08/09 08/10 08/11 08/12
7:30 pm
Eric Lu piano recital

3-5 pm
Russell Sherman piano master class


Rising Star concert 1
Benjamin Zander: Interpretations of Music: Lessons for Life



Faculty-Student joint concert
7:30 pm
Rising Star concert 2
3-5 pm
Laurence Lesser cello master class

7:30 pm
Mana Tokuno piano recital
2 pm
Gala concert 1
2 pm
Gala Concert 2

8 pm
Concerto Concert at MIT Kresge with Mercury Orchestra
Faculty Members 2017 (alphabetically)
Lynn Chang, Music Director
Mercury Orchestra: Channing Yu, conductor
Concerto 2017: Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
Chamber Orchestra 2017: Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings

Piano: Jonathan Bass, Tema Blackstone, Bruce Brubaker, Wha-Kyung Byun, Hung-Kuan Chen, Pi-Hsien Chen, Ya-Fei Chuang, Alexander Korsantia, Meng-Chieh Liu, Victor Rosenbaum, Russell  Sherman, Minsoo Sohn, Mana Tokuno
Violin: James Buswell, Lynn Chang, Nicholas Kitchen, Magdalena Richter, Kristopher Tong
Viola: Hsin-Yun Huang, Scott Lee, Mai Motobuchi
Cello: Yeesun Kim, Laurence Lesser, Carol Ou, Sam Ou
Clarinet: Thomas Hill
Chamber Music Master Class: Yehudi Wyner, Benjamin Zander
Saxophone: Kenneth Radnofsky
Flute: Sue Ellen Tcherepnin
Composition: Yang Yong
Oboe:  Joyce Alper
Tai Chi: Tai-Chun Pan


FACULTY MEMBERS 2017 (alphabetically, a partial list)
Lynn Chang 張萬鈞, music director


Tema Blackstone
Juilliard Pre-College

Bruce Brubaker
New England Conservatory, Chairman piano department

Wha Kyung Byun, Piano Master Class
New England Conservatory

Hung-Kuan Chen 陳宏寬

Juilliard School of Music
Yale University

Pi-Hsien Chen 陳必先
Hochschule fur Musik Freiburg

Pi-Hsien Chen 莊雅斐
Boston Conservatory
New England Conservatory Preparatory

Alexander Korsantia
New England Conservatory

Meng-Chieh Liu 劉孟捷
New England Conservatory
Curtis Institute of Music

Victor Rosenbaum
New England Conservatory
Mannes School of Music

Russell Sherman, Piano Master Class
Distinguished Artist-in-residence of New England Conservatory

Minsoo Sohn
Korean National University of Arts

Mana Tokuno
New England Conservatory Preparatory


James Buswell

Lynn Chang 張萬鈞
Boston Conservatory
New England Conservatory Preparatory
Boston University

Nicholas Kitchen
New England Conservatory
Borromeo String Quartet

Magdalena Richter
New England Conservatory Preparatory Chair String Department
Director String and Chamber Orchestra of Rivers School Conservatory

Kristopher Tong
New England Conservatory
Borromeo String Quartet


Hsin-Yun Huang 黃心芸
Juilliard School of Music
Curtis Institute of Music

Scott Lee 李捷琦
University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Conservatory

Mai Motobuchi
New England Conservatory
Borromeo String Quartet


Yeesun Kim
New England Conservatory
Borromeo String Quartet

Laurence Lesser, Cello Master Class
President Emeritus, New England Conservatory

Carol Ou 歐逸青
New England Conservatory Preparatory

Sam Ou 歐維聖
New England Conservatory Preparatory

Double Bass

Pascale Delache-Feldman
co-founder of Cello e Basso
Longy School of Music, Tufts, Rivers School


Yang Yong  楊勇
Beijing Central Conservatory of Music

Chamber Music  Master Class

Yehudi Wyner
2006 Pulitzer Prize for Music

Benjamin Zander
Conductor, Boston Philharmonic Orchestra


Thomas Hill
Longy School of Music
Boston Chamber Music Society


Sue-Ellen Hershman-Tcherepnin

Tufts and MIT


Joyce Alper


Tracy McGinnis


Kenneth Radnofsky
New England Conservatory
Boston University
Longy School of Music

Tai Chi

Tai-Chun Pan, 潘台春

Other faculty members who have taught in the previous years:

Piano: David Deveau, (the late) Anthony di Bonaventura, (the late) Luise Vosgerchian, (the late) T. Krafchenko, Cheng-Zong Yin 殷承宗, Sylvia Chambless, Robert Levin, Vivian Weilerstein
Violin: (the late) Masuko Ushioda, (the late) Marylou Speaker Churchill, Nai-Yuan Hu 胡乃元, Donald Weilerstein
Viola: Gillian Rogell
Cello: Michael Bonner, Mark Churchill, Bion Tsang 章雨亭
Double bass: Edwin Barker, DaXun Zhang 張達尋
French horn: Neil DeLand
Oboe: Joyce Alper, Kathy Lord
Flute: Doriot Anthony Dwyer, Jean DeMart
Voice: Maxwell Li, Guping Deng 鄧桂萍, Patty Thom, Ree-Ven Wang 王麗文
Composition: Samuel Headrick, Shih-Huei Chen 陳士惠
Clarinet: David Samour
Percussion/Marimba: Pius Cheung, Robert Schulz
Trombone: Brian L. Diehl
Dulcimer: Ping Li 李平
Erhu: Zhan-Tao Lin 林戰濤

This program is made possible by the donation from the general public, and the support from The Tan Family Cultural Fund. Photos, updated concert activities and other information are online at:

December 18, 2017

Mr. David Moran of The Boston Musical Intelligencer mentioned the following names, among others (Larry Weng, Eric Lu, Artur Haftman, Han Chen, Alexandar Korsantia, and Victor Rosenbaum), at his section of the “Recalling the Passing Musical Year. ” He said: “For this 2017 all-star listing, I’m calling for fantasy league keyboards. To that end I have created three greatest-hits recitals, with substantial encores, everything naturally selected from my standout memories.”

NOTE: Both Larry, Eric, and Artur were alumna of the Chinese Foundation Music Festival at Walnut Hill. Both Rosenbaum and Korsantia are faculty members at the Festival.  All above concerts were performed during 2017 festival at Walnut Hill, except Mr. Rosenbaum's that was at Jordan Hall celebrating his 50th  years teaching at NEC.
DATES of the 2018 festival are July 19 - August 12, 2018. Concerto 2018: Schumann Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 54.  Final concert with Mercury Orchestra, Channing Yu conductor, will be at Harvard Sanders on August 12, with the winner of the 2018 concerto competition as the soloist.

Happy Holidays,

Cathy Chan 




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