Tai-Chun Pan 潘台春, Tai Chi Chuan instructor

Mr. Pan has been practicing Tai Chi Chuan since 1968 and has been teaching in the Greater Boston area since 1980. The Tai Chi Chuan he teaches is the traditional Yang style long form (old frame) passed down by Grand Master Hsiung Yang Ho (Xiong Yanghe).

This old frame includes: Basic Form (基本拳架), Push Hands (推手), Dalu (大履), San Shou (散手), Sword (劍), Saber (刀), Staff (杆), Matching Sword (對劍), Matching Saber (對刀), and Matching Staff (對杆). More details of the Yang style old frame are available at  www.taichiforhealthweb.com

Mr. Pan has been featured in several media outlets, such as WHDH TV-Channel 7, Asian Boston magazine, and The Boston Globe. Mr. Pan has been invited to give Tai Chi seminars in various settings, and many of his students are instructors as well.

In addition, Mr. Pan teaches Dizi (笛子 Chinese Bamboo Flute) in the Greater Boston area. He was the first prize winner of the 1972 Taipei Chinese Music Instruments competition. Many of his students are competition winners and members of the GBCCA Chinese Music Ensemble.

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